Most Catastrophic Disasters in USA till Date


USA has always been and continues to be a ‘land of opportunities’ enticing individuals from all over the world to migrate to the North American country. But the long and checkered history of the ‘nation of melting pot’ is littered with natural disasters brought about by the same life-giving elements. In the following points some of the most catastrophic disasters and calamities have been elucidated.

  1. The Peshtigo Fire of 1871

The Chicago Fire of 1871 almost eclipsed the fire that ravaged Peshtigo City on the same day (October 8th). The enormity of the inferno was intensely horrifying as the conflagration burnt down 12 towns completely and nearly 1200 people lost their lives. The blaze turned into an inferno after a mighty windstorm accelerated a prairie fire that engulfed a forest spread more than a million acres.

  1. The US Heat Wave of 1980

A trough of high pressure sent temperatures soaring beyond 90˚F throughout the Southern and Central US during the summer of 1980. The heat wave caused a catastrophic drought that led to the death of more than 10,000 people and damaged crops and other agricultural produce valued at roughly $48 billion.

  1. Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Hurricane Katrina that originated in Southern Florida and lashed the coastline of Louisiana has been deemed as US’s most expensive natural calamity causing damages to the tune of approximately $125 billion. Winds blowing at speeds of 125mph caused waves from the coast to deluge and submerge New Orleans leading to the death of 1836 people.

  1. Galveston Hurricane of 1900

The tornado that struck Galveston in Texas in the millennial year of 1900 is regarded as the deadliest in the history of US. An estimated 12,000 people lost their lives and the loss in terms of property was incalculable.

  1. Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

The fault line running along the San Andreas culminated in a deadly earthquake in 1906 that nearly wiped out San Francisco killing over 3,000 people and leaving thousands homeless.

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