5 cities with best nightlife in the US

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Huge amount of people visit US around the year. This continent has diverse population and it consists of everything that you’re looking for. Some of the most visited places in the United States include Las Vegas, Colorado, New York and many more. If you’re in America with your friends then you’re surely looking to experience the nightlife over there. There are some cities that need to be mentioned when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in United States. Some of these cities are:

New Orleans

Situated in Louisiana is known to have one of the best nightlife in America. It is ranked right at the top for some of the best pubs and good food. During big events there is huge crowd in this city and it can get difficult for you to explore the city. You should try to visit the city when the crowd is a little lesser and you get enough time to explore the beauty of this city. This city is known for its boutique hotels and you should make sure that you don’t miss out on one of these hotels.

New York

You might have already heard about this beautiful city. Whether it is night or day, New York always looks beautiful. There are really some good bars in the East village and you should make it a point to visit Soho when you’re here. There are different areas that have interesting party buses. You will surely enjoy the party bus concept of the city. In this concept the company rents a bus from a party bus provider and hosts different kinds of events. For example if you’re located in the Michiana area then you can visit anaheimpartybusrental.com and order a party bus.

Miami Beach

If you’re planning to visit Florida then you can’t miss out on the beaches of Miami. People around the world dream of visiting the Miami Beach and enjoy the party over there. The exotic nightlife in this city will surely give value for your money. It is known for having world’s best clubs and make sure you have the right set of clothes for the beach party. The concept of the beach party is really unique and you will remember it for a lifetime.

Las Vegas

One cannot miss out of Las Vegas when it comes to nightlife. There are huge amount of Hollywood movies that have been made here to present the interesting nightlife of the Vegas. Almost every hotel in Las Vegas has a night club and you can expect some really good food in the pubs in this city.

Los Angeles

Another beautiful city with a great life style. Los Angeles has everything to offer whether it is daytime or the nightlife. You have some really good pubs where you can enjoy the drinks with your friends or a loved one. While roaming around the city don’t miss out on Elevate lounge and playhouse. Elevate lounge is known to be one of the best hotels in the city.


Most Catastrophic Disasters in USA till Date


USA has always been and continues to be a ‘land of opportunities’ enticing individuals from all over the world to migrate to the North American country. But the long and checkered history of the ‘nation of melting pot’ is littered with natural disasters brought about by the same life-giving elements. In the following points some of the most catastrophic disasters and calamities have been elucidated.

  1. The Peshtigo Fire of 1871

The Chicago Fire of 1871 almost eclipsed the fire that ravaged Peshtigo City on the same day (October 8th). The enormity of the inferno was intensely horrifying as the conflagration burnt down 12 towns completely and nearly 1200 people lost their lives. The blaze turned into an inferno after a mighty windstorm accelerated a prairie fire that engulfed a forest spread more than a million acres.

  1. The US Heat Wave of 1980

A trough of high pressure sent temperatures soaring beyond 90˚F throughout the Southern and Central US during the summer of 1980. The heat wave caused a catastrophic drought that led to the death of more than 10,000 people and damaged crops and other agricultural produce valued at roughly $48 billion.

  1. Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Hurricane Katrina that originated in Southern Florida and lashed the coastline of Louisiana has been deemed as US’s most expensive natural calamity causing damages to the tune of approximately $125 billion. Winds blowing at speeds of 125mph caused waves from the coast to deluge and submerge New Orleans leading to the death of 1836 people.

  1. Galveston Hurricane of 1900

The tornado that struck Galveston in Texas in the millennial year of 1900 is regarded as the deadliest in the history of US. An estimated 12,000 people lost their lives and the loss in terms of property was incalculable.

  1. Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906

The fault line running along the San Andreas culminated in a deadly earthquake in 1906 that nearly wiped out San Francisco killing over 3,000 people and leaving thousands homeless.

Best Time of the Year to Visit USA

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The USA is the fourth-largest nation on earth with a total area of 9,629,091 sq km and sprawls across six time zones from west to east. Having such an immense geographical spread incorporating multiple time zones, you get to experience a variance in climate which can get extreme at time, as you move from one state to another. Hence, it’d be quite misleading to make recommendations on the ‘best time of the year to visit USA’. Talking about climatic or weather variations, you could be sweltering in the suffocating Las Vegas heat during daytime in June or July and when you reach Mojave, a few hours of drive from Sin City, in the evening you could be literally shivering.

Or, if you make it to the top of Grand Canyon early morn, you’ll feel the nip in the air but when you hike down to the bottom, the temperature could be something like forty degrees. The entire North US experiences a somewhat similar climate from one coast to another with minimal weather fluctuations. Snowfall and snowstorms are quite heavy during the long winter when almost everything is covered in a thick blanket of snow. The protracted winter pushes the spring season to May when flora and fauna appear colorful and bright.

Summers in the North vary from being pleasantly warm to stiflingly hot and vapid and you might prefer to spend more time in the beaches and national parks where the weather is definitely cooler. You’ll definitely be thrilled at the rapidly changing hues of the sky and the earth during autumn. So visiting the Northern states is ideal during early summer, spring, and autumn.

Seasonal changes are less defined in the Southern US though the differences could become marked as you move from Florida to Texas and further on to Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Summers are hot and tepid while winters are warm and dry. Visit the South either in autumn or spring but be prepared to run into hurricanes.

History of the American Civilization

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The history of the Americas comprising the Caribbean, Central, North, and South America can be traced back to the time when people began moving in from Asia at the peak of the Ice Age. These ancient settlers remained isolated from the rest of the world till Norwegians started arriving in the 10th cent followed by the expeditions spearheaded by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The Paleolithic-Indians are regarded as the predecessors of the indigenous tribes of America. Most historians believe that the earliest migrants who arrived and settled in North America hailed from the present-day Bering Strait.

The first groups of settlers and colonizers brought cultural peculiarities along with them that gradually evolved leading to the development of the ancient American civilizations including Maya, Inca, Azteca, Mississippian, Toltec, and Zapotec. However, the landscape of the Americas, both from the physical and cultural perspectives, started metamorphosing with the expeditions led by Italian circumnavigators and Spanish conquistadors that began around the 2nd decade of the 15th century and culminated with the voyages undertaken by Christopher Columbus, the first of which was undertaken in 1492.

Columbus’s expeditions paved the way for voyages from leading maritime nations in Europe including Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, and England. These voyages were undertaken with the twin objectives of conquering the newly discovered lands and establishing overseas colonies as well as exploiting the natural and human resources with impunity. Widespread colonization by the Europeans gave rise to the development and evolution of new civilizations and cultures. The blending of the Europeans and the natives in almost every aspect of life led to the formation of states that became well-demarcated in the later decades. Colonial rule or imperialism thrived for three full centuries starting from the early part of the 16th cent and lasting till the end of the 19th cent.